Youth interest in Mangrove Forests

Posted by Anom Wijaya on Jan 11 2021
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Denpasar. Mangrove Forest Park Denpasar Ngurah Rai is one of the favorite places for the young people hang out. Moreover the afternoon, time to relax.

"We frequent the streets here. Delicious here, quiet, noisy ga," said Herman, one of the visitors.

Kingdom Mangrove forest park covering an area of arround 1375 hectares is very beautiful. Road tread made of wood adds a natural atmosphere. So the entry fee is Rp 5000, visitors have no reservations.

"Admission ngak problem. Occasional here pay only five thousand ga pa pa," added Herman.

Not only young children are fun visiting mangrove forests, but also many families who come to visit the place ini.berbagai activities that they do, sit around, walks down a wooden tread and there is also fishing.

"Here ya feeling, we can the photos. Scenery is nice. We like it here, why we are here," she said.

Tariff Park Forest Park Ngurah Rai Denpasar, for adult Rp 5,000, Rp 3,000 children. But if the party will get a cheaper ticket, which is only Rp 2000 and the adult children Rp 1000.

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