4 Activity Fun at Kuta Beach, Bali

Posted by Anom Wijaya on Jan 11 2021
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Kuta - What comes to mind when you hear the Kuta Beach, Bali? Usually the traveler to spend time there with spending time relaxing. Moreover, it turns out there are 4 exciting events at Kuta Beach know!

Who knows how many times you to Bali, it feels afdol would not otherwise visit Kuta Beach. Located in Kuta, Badung regency, this beach will not be empty. From early morning until late at night, there's always tourists from home and abroad who come to this beach.

Indeed, most of them are usually just sit on the beach to spend time. Conversation between friends or just play sand, make Kuta Beach favorite hangout. However, it turns out there are fun activities you can do in Kuta Beach. detikTravel try these activities some time ago.

Compiled detikTravel, Tuesday (01/08/2013), here are four fun activities besides swimming at Kuta Beach:

1. Sports morning

If you stay in the Poppies Lane, install an alarm to wake up in the morning. Around 07.00 pm, step your feet to the beach. Kuta streets are still quiet vehicle completely different in another setting in the evening.

Arriving at the beach, breathe fresh air deeply. Ahh .. In the morning, not many a traveler passing by here. You can count them on the fingers. At this morning as Kuta Beach a 'large field' to exercise. You will see the Caucasians, be it man or woman who was jogging on the beach.

Naturally, with a splash of sunlight, the roar of the waves, and the air is cool, Kuta Beach is a great place to burn fat. Body feels more fresh and dripping sweat profusely. Besides jogging, there are also some that just the morning or surfing there. Usually, this sport activity done at around 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. local time. Let's sports in Kuta Beach!

2. Learning to surf

Want good at surfing or surfing? Come to Kuta Beach. On this beach, lined the surfers who are ready to teach you to glide over the waves. Learning to surf is an exciting and challenging activities.

You will be invited to conquer the waves at Kuta Beach. Indeed, not high and big waves, but you will be taught how to put on a surf board properly. Do not be shy, there are a lot of tourists learning to surf well here.

For beginners, learning to surf is really challenging. You will be taught maintain balance on the board, while occasionally falling into the water. If interested, you can follow the course of surfing at Kuta Beach at a cost starting at Rp 150 thousand.

3. Sun

If this activity is not foreign at Kuta Beach. During the day and the sun overhead position, foreign tourists will strewn beach. They were sunbathing and enjoying the heat of Kuta.

Usually, most of the sun here is the female tourist. With a sexy bikini, they let the sun burn skin. If you want you can try and feel the sensation.

Activities sun is starting to become a favorite activity at Kuta Beach. Even though it was full of Kuta beach by tourists, lovers of sunlight will remain lying on the sand and enjoying the tropical sun.

4. Hunting sunset

Sunset Kuta Beach is very beautiful style. Prepare the camera, because every second of this sunset view will reveal a fascinating evening light.

The sky is orange indicating the seconds the Sun sank. The roar of the waves into the rhythm of nature as the sun was going down. Golden red streaks, looks serene orb surrounds the sun is ready to go home.

Without rocks, in front of you is the sky and the seas are illuminated at dusk. Tourists from home and abroad were amazed at Kuta Beach sunset, how about you?

For those of you who are planning to come to Kuta beach holidays, do not miss the four activities. Fun again, these activities can be done all day long. Exciting!

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