10 places to be visited during the tour in Bali

Posted by Anom Wijaya on Jan 12 2021
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  1. Kuta Beach
    If the current conditions are a little vacation needs more power to get to the beach kuta especially for tourists who live some distance from the shore,because theroad conditions were crowded and jammed.Kuta beach which is famous for its wide white sand and beautiful as far as the eye can see.Some people say “namehas not beentobalikutabeachif notto”
  2. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK )
    Although the development of this area is not 100% complete but it's been a lot siphon visitors from different regions and countries.The workof art is planned Nuarta Nyoman has a height 150 meters with a wingspan of 64 meters.Soundrenalin also held here later if there are also foreign band gig here.Located not far from the Airport, Kuta Beach or Nusa Dua
  3. The Beauty of Mountain and Lake Batur in Kintamani
    This areais one of Bali's cool because this place is located at an altitude.Here you can enjoy the view of the volcano is still active with elevations of approximately 1717 m and the most extensive lake in bali.in this area too there is a unique village which is very different from other villages.Where they do not bury or burn dead bodies but just put them under a large tree that believed to have magical powers
  4. Waterbom Bali
    Balialso has a water play area called Waterbom Bali.you can enjoy a lazy game of water throughout the day here, as long as it and remember to pay…lol.Enjoy the thrill of the boomerang and the other slides are guaranteed you will feel tense and fun.do not forget to try the new slide called Climax and surely you'll be hooked
  5. Ubud Village International
    Who does notknow Ubud? village that became the center of art and culture in Bali.A lot of artists from different countries settling in
    here and do a show in Ubud.In this area you can also enjoy bali dances such as Legong dance, Kecak, fire dance, Barong dance etc.
  6. Bedugul
    Bedugulis a popular tourist spot in Bali that provides coolness and beauty of nature, there is also a temple in the middle of the lake, where the lake is called Lake Beratan.The government also used the image of this place as the picture on the money 50 thousand rupiah
  7. Tanah Lot Temple
    Yes if you've seen a brochure or advertisement of Bali tourism will definitely use the silhouette of Pura Tanah Lot. Because the people who see it will definitely know if it was in
    Bali.TanahLotprovidesa beautiful viewat sunset.
  8. Bali Safari and Marine Park
    Althoughrelatively new in the wake but many species of animals that you see at the zoo.Ranging from lions, elephants, monkeys, birds or different kinds of reptiles.The zoo is also in the
    design, such as forests, the reason that all the animals that exist in this place feels like its own habitat
  9. Odyssey Sumbarine
    No oneyet knows odyssey Submarine? if not, then you miss the news.if we know only the first dive we  can see underwater life, now there Submarine Odyssey without the need to use diving equipment we are able to enjoy the underwater beauty, just look right and left alone.OdysseySubmarine in the world there are only two, one of which was in Bali.Located at Amuk Bay near Padang Bay Karangasem Regency.
  10. Please stop by my house
    For anyonewho would vacation to Bali, please contact me and come to my hometown. I willgladlywelcome you.My house is located about 2 hours from kuta, expect for those of you who want to come to Bali want to come to my house to see all the scenery along the way to my area.

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